For some odd reason.. the year 2013 was by all accounts, an unstable one. It seems as though the minute I found one thing I was seeking, I would lose another. Hmm..not really sure how this happened. What I will say, is that it has been nothing less than a very trying time. But don’t get me wrong, there have been more than a few peeks from the sun to break up the intermittent clouds. For example, the birth of my youngest nephew Levi. By all means, without my even knowing so, his birth put a few things into perspective for me. Watching my sister endure a tough pregnancy didn’t hurt either. I began to ask myself, will that be me one day? Will there ever be a 9 month period in my life when everything I say, do, eat, drink, and feel will directly effect someone other than myself? Do I have what it takes to be a host of another tiny little light? Lol, the jury is still out on that one. What I will say is I now have the desire to do so.

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