So it begins..


This is probably my third attempt at a blog. My close friends call me Carrie (the love of writing minus the Manolo’s and fab life), yet I never really dedicate myself enough to actually be productive. So what makes this attempt different? This year has been tumultuous to say the least. But it is a love of the beauty of art that I am able to find solace. I love it all! Not just the mediums of photography and paintbrushes, but also textiles. Fashion, music, and art are the ties that bind me. Not just to this life and all it entails, but also binds me to the people and places that I love. Come with me on this journey. I cannot promise more excitement than your heart can hold. I cannot promise to show you things you may not have ever seen. But I can show you the beauty of the things I love from my perspective.

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